Answers to Your Questions About COVID-19 and Your Pet

As communities around the world respond to the new coronavirus (i.e., COVID-19) threat, you need the most up-to-date information to keep your family and your pet safe. Rather than turning to social media and reading speculation and opinions, keep current with facts and research with the information presented by the following websites: World Health Organization [...]

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It’s All About the Mouth – The Importance of Dental Hygiene for Dogs and Cats

Have you ever had a toothache, or forgotten to pack your toothbrush for a vacation? Imagine never being able to brush your teeth, or visit a dentist to relieve your pain. Dental plaque and tartar can cause serious issues with teeth, and jaw bones, if allowed to accumulate. Dental hygiene is as important for dogs [...]

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8 Changes That Will Help Your Senior Pet Age Gracefully At Home

Wizened, gray muzzles should be cherished, because they depict a lifetime of love. As your beloved companion enters her golden years, she may require more care to remain happy and healthy. Return her many years of love with these simple changes to your home that will keep her comfortable as she ages. #1: Stimulate your [...]

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Team Member Spotlight: Veterinary Technicians

You may wonder who assists your veterinarian when you bring your pet to our clinic. As in human medicine, doctors can’t carry out all their duties without support staff like nurses, assistants, and receptionists, who all play important roles. In veterinary medicine, we have our own support team to lend our veterinarians a helping hand. [...]

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